The story so far……

Day 1 according to my GPS tracker was 30k, and that was despite being 800m short of my original camp target. I couldn’t pass this up…..

There’s been other challengers chatting en-route, the camaraderie is quite something.

Some sights have been quite spectacular….

And the Connell bridge was a sight to behold…

And Ardchattan Kirk. Family connections.

Day 2 has been a mixed bag. Top scenery, sunshine, but a long hard slog along the Loch.

I’ve slid down the path on my archie a couple of times, fell in a river while filling a bottle, and almost lost a shoe in a bog.

Through the cadderlie forest I played the pine cone game for Bracken, and when I got to get beach, I paddled and wept for her.

I’m 3k short of my target for today. I’m quite weary, so I might alter my route tomorrow, and skip a climb. I really do need to get to Kinlochleven…..


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