So it was officially -1 last night. I knew it would be cold (but not that cold, so as an old precautionary trick, I did push my day clothes into the bottom of my sleeping bag. I also used a couple of heat pads. The ones that allegedly lasts 8 hours. Well. They get warm pretty quick, and I went to sleep all toasty. One at my feet, and one at my back. BUT I can tell you. They don’t last 8 hours. I did wake at first cuckoo tweet at silly o’clock, pretty damn cold. Fortunately, as the sun came up and warmed the tent, I eventually dozed back off.

It’s been a hard day today, yesterday did pretty much break me, and today was a long hard slog over the Devil’ staircase.

But I made it.

Tomorrow I have a long slow climb out of Kinlochleven on a really sore Achilles, so I’m off to bed early to try and get up and away early. I’ve even dumped some stuff from my bag and I’ve had two dinners tonight (haha) to try and lighten the load a bit.


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