With a heavy heart….

Yesterday was hard. I have three full days of walking ahead of me, around 70k, before I hit civilisation again. Given the pain I now have in my knee, and the gravitational bruising I have on my left foot, it would not be responsible for me to continue the challenge.

I am gutted, but also so proud of what I have achieved so far.

While the weather has been amazing, it is not a trekkers friend. You have to constantly monitor fluid intake v output, stash water because you don’t know how good the next stream will be, and there’s the danger of sun/heat stroke and sunburn itself. Dangerous.

I contacted challenge control last night to let them know I was approaching Dalwhinnie and I was stopping for the night 7k short of target. They said they had a lot of people beat by the heat and drop out, and I had done well to have lasted 6 full days.

The challenge might be over for me, but my journey will continue in a different form. I will combine public transport with shorter routes to get to Braemar for Saturday, where I have accommodation booked, and onwards towards Inverbervie.


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