What would have been – Day 12 Tuesday 21st May 2019 Queen’s Well to Glen Esk by Auchmull NO 585 739

Reproduced from www.viewranger.com. Map data: Ordnance Survey ©Crown Copyright and/or database right 2016. License number 100043379.

From camp NO 419 828 follow path SE to NO 444 804 and follow road E to NO 449 803 and join path E bound. Arrive Tarfside then Follow road E to NO 534 786, then S to cross bridge at NO 534 782. Pick up N trail with river as left handrail round North of Craig of Dalhastnie to continue E then S with River North Esk as left handrail. Cross FB at NO 580 740 and follow path onwards to join road SE bound at NO 584 741 Follow road to wild camp in scrub at scrubland/woods beyond Auchmull NO 585 739.
OS Landranger series maps: 44
Length: 23.04 km                         
Total Ascent:  243m
Total Descent: 420m
Max Elevation: 314m
Min Elevation: 107m
Route Profile:    

Queens Well is a busy place, so I will have camped probably somewhere just away from here, but will head back onto my route as soon as possible. I am walking through Glen Mark now, on the way to Glen Esk. My route vetter’s excellent knowledge of this area left me with a dilemma, because where I had originally intended crossing was not a viable option (bridge down). I had intended staying initially north of the river and crossing shortly after Tarfside to avoid the road, or cross early to bypass Tarfside altogether. so I elected to stay north and cross the river just before Dalhastnie.

Now, there are several Esk rivers in the UK, so lets give this it’s proper name, the North Esk River. As I follow the river, it is almost like I am starting a descent to the coast, which of course is true, as the river does lead to the sea in Montrose.

Walking through to Invermark, I leave behind the Cairngorms. I will pass Cairns, the remnants of Invermark Castle dating back to the 14th century, and on the Hill of Rowan, there are field systems, hut circles, and the bizarrest monument atop the hill, worth a visit.

I pass through the hamlet of Tarfside, whose community halls welcome fellow TGO challenge walkers, and on I trek on the roadway and finally cross the river at Dalhastnie. The river is prime trout and salmon fishing territory, with a good mix of leaps and pools along its length. It also, like the River Feshie, attracts canoeists.

From Dalhastnie, I walk another 8km or so, and will Look for a spot for the night near Auchmill, on the north bank. I am nearing more populated lands, and opportunities to camp will become less available.

See you tomorrow.

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